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The biggest enemy to your chimney is water.  If your chimney isn't properly protected by a quality chimney cap, water can seep inside and cause major damage.  There are several ways to protect your chimney and one of the best ways is to hire a professional chimney sweep to install a chimney cap. 


A chimney cap is a metal structure that fits atop your flue.  In addition to protecting your chimney from water, it also keeps animals and debris out of your chimney.  A chimney cap will also protect your roof from stray sparks that can easily catch your roof on fire.


Without a chimney cap, snow and rain enter your chimney causing damage to your fireplace and home.  If allowed to rust, your chimney system can quickly become useless.  Water can also affect the masonry causing cracks which can aid in the growth of mold and mildew.


Animals and birds can also enter your chimney seeking warmth and protection.  Once inside the animals may become trapped and die leaving behind disease and a nasty smell.  They can also ignite and a fire can quickly spread to through your home.


Dirt, sticks, leaves and trash can easily find their way into your chimney.  Our professionals will quickly cap your chimney with the quality workmanship you have come to expect.  Don't get caught unprotected.  Call or visit us online for more information.



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