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If you are like most people you seldom think about cleaning your fireplace or when it's the right time to hire a professional chimney sweep.   When you light your fireplace smoke travels up the chimney and then cools and solidifies resulting in the buildup of the substance Creosote.  Made up of wood particles, creosote is extremely combustible and acidic and should be removed from the flue and damper of the fireplace.  If there is enough Creosote present, it can ignite and burst into a dangerous chimney fire.  You need a professional chimney sweep company who has the level of certification and experience necessary to manage this project the right way the first time, Anthony's Chimney Sweep can provide this along with peace of mind.


An annual inspection should be done prior to the first fire of the season to ensure no blockages have developed over the summer.  If your chimney is blocked with debris, smoke and deadly carbon monoxide can build up and seep into your home.  An inspection will also denote if your chimney has suffered damage from the extremes in temperature resulting in visible cracks as well as checking the integrity of the flue liner which is crucial to ensuring dangerous gases are removed from your home. It will also help to keep the air flow moving up and out of your chimney.


Regular maintenance provides peace of mind that your chimney is clean and operating safely.  When you hire an experienced chimney sweep, you receive the best service by a trained professional who is committed to your safety and the safety of your family.  Our chimney sweep services leave your chimney and fireplace system clean and flame free.


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