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Wood Burning Fireplace and Chimney repair and installation

Anthony's Chimney Sweeps, Colorado Springs


Over time, the flashing on your chimney can deteriorate causing severe damage to the attic areas, walls and ceilings of your home.  If you notice your chimney is leaking it is best to contact a chimney professional to inspect the problem.


The inside of your chimney consists of a passage way for gases to escape from your home.  This passage is called the liner.  If your chimney doesn't have a liner the gases travel up the brick inside your chimney.  If your chimney doesn't have a liner, we recommend putting in a new stainless steel chimney liner.


A liner will contain and exhaust the byproducts of combustion such as dangerous gases, creosote and condensation.  If you notice that your fireplace is no longer operating as it should, the liner may need to be replaced.


On the exterior, age and water damage can cause the mortar holding your chimney together to crack and crumble.  Without the support of mortar your bricks will loosen and cause major damage if left unattended.   If your chimney has deteriorated beyond tuck pointing repair (filling in mortar), our experts can rebuild your chimney.


We take pride in providing high quality chimney repointing and rebuilding, chimney lining installation and repair as well as any other repair and maintenance you need.  Our technicians are knowledgeable and trained to provide the quality workmanship you expect.



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